Planning Quickly for a Senior Portrait Session

The Intro

I was recently engaged to shoot a Senior Portrait Session by a family with a really tight schedule and a short time-frame, so there wasn’t time for much advance conversation before the shoot.  Initial contact came on a Thursday and the shoot was scheduled for the following Wednesday.  The time, agreement, package, payment and arrangements went smoothly, but it was a more difficult shoot to plan without talking with my subject.  The only thing I had to work with were a pair of Texas Cowboy boots and a Texas flag!


I spent some time thinking about some neutral settings, QuickMats4settings that would lend themselves to images that might last a lifetime and speak to the turning point that is a high school Senior’s graduation.  Beyond the standard head shot and portrait, I decided to go with a worldly theme.  I have an old tabletop Atlas with outdated maps, reflecting the way the world changes from moment to moment.  I plan to use an old world globe to reinforce the concept, then of course, a picture book of America!  As a turning point in life, the future really is fresh and not yet set or “mapped”, but that means it is uncertain at the same time.  So, with that general plan in mind, we’ll see how the session goes and maybe get a few sneak peaks at some senior portraits.


The Shoot

The shoot came off without a hitch.  Mom (Carrie) and senior (Tyler) were great to work with so the 1-hour studio session went by quickly.  I knew Tyler wasn’t a school sports or activity participant, so I guessed he might be into console gaming.  Having wasted many a happy hour gaming myself, this is not a topic with which I am unfamiliar!

We did the normal stool poses, then with the flag in the background (had to look up which QuickMats4way the flag hangs in Texas), then the cap and gown shot (had to look up the tassel position for before the graduation ceremony as well – the right side is the correct side if you are curious, but I can never remember). I talked with Tyler a little and discovered, in deed, he is a gamer!  I just happen to have a few odd things on my Studio costume shelf, so before you know it, we are putting together an Assassin’s Creed simile that wasn’t too bad, complete with sword, helmet and cape!  At this point, all session ice had melted into a small pool on the studio floor.

The next set involved the globe, Atlas, and a look into the future of this young man.  Tyler has a bright future ahead.  He plans to join the US Armed Forces (then school afterwards) and we will no doubt all benefit from his decision and contribution to protect our way of life through military service.  QuickMats4Thanks to Carrie and Tyler for giving me the opportunity to capture images of this never to be again moment in Tyler’s life.

Your Senior Portraits

If you or someone you know is interested in a senior portrait session, please feel free to share this blog or refer them to my web site.  I have different packages available for senior portraits and I will always work to fulfill special requests and work to meet a family budget at this special time in a young person’s life.  Most of my package offerings include a print credit so the buyer can select the right combination of prints and print sizes from my a-la-cart print menu, allowing everyone to avoid being stuck with a bunch of prints they don’t really want.  I can also offer special print sizes in almost any dimension, texture or print material, so if you don’t see a size or product you want, be sure to ask.  It is probably available through my site but the option may not be turned on as I try to make the purchase page look less cluttered.

Thanks for joining me in another adventure where someone decided to Avoid Mediocrity with Smoke N Mirrors Photography!

If you’d like to see Tyler’s entire Gallery, you can check it out here!


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