Grabber Blue Cobra


About the Car

This is a 2010 Ford Mustang with a Shelby Cobra package.  If you aren’t familiar with custom car packages, suffice it to say this car is fast – really fast.  It is also very BLUE!  I had the chance to photograph this car for my good friend Paul Davis this past Friday (4/1/2016).  Paul was in town and the weather permitted him to bring his ‘toy’, so I scoped out a couple of spring-like locations, gathered up the gear, and we headed out after lunch.  No good deed goes unpunished, so I had to help Paul hand dry his car before we could shoot!

About the Location

The first location I picked was at the Ramada Inn on Scott Avenue.  I travel up there every week for my BNI meeting, so I knew there were some Dogwood trees in bloom and I thought they’d make a nice contrast against the Grabber Blue (the official paint color) of the Mustang.  It was a little chilly, but the sun was out, the sky was fairly clear after a morning rain, and the ground was dry enough to crawl around on for the shoot.

The Tech Camera Stuff

I set up with a 400ws strobe and a silver mini-dish, thinking it would give a nice ‘pop’ under the blue sky.  I was happy with the result!  The shot metered out to an f-8 at ISO 200.  I was at a 200th shutter speed to help combat the slight breeze blowing the Dogwood bloom in the background.  I was using my Canon 5D III with an EF 24-105 lens zoomed to 40 mm.  I was happy with the result, but I did crop this version of the photo to try and place a Golden Ratio Spiral.  I was happy with the result!

A couple more takes

I rolled around on the ground for a few more shots while Paul was approached by pretty women (no kidding) wanting to talk about his car.  Afterwards, we concluded that the combination of the car and the camera acted like some kind of magnet.  We had several on-lookers at both shoot locations.

Another image created at Ramada Inn – f16, ISO200, 1/200s at 32mm

Off to Riverfront Park

Next, we were off to Riverfront Park to catch the Cherry Blossoms.  The wind had picked up a bit and the sky darkened.  I was using the same light setup, but you can definitely see the difference in this image:

Hazel Ruby McQuain Park – f13, ISO200, 1/200s at 28mm

I wasn’t unhappy with the image, but I would like to have bumped up the shutter speed to around 1/500ths to make the falling Cherry Tree blossoms more crisp and frozen in the shot.  Overall, I though it was a great day and a great shoot.  I enjoyed spending some time with my friend Paul, and I finally got to see and drive the car he’s been talking about for two years!  Until next time…

For more photos from this shoot, check out the web gallery here.

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